Our community was born from the union of two communities, and for this reason we opted to use two different coins on the BookingChain platform, so that everyone can benefit from them. In the first phase of the project only the CDM24 token, working on the Waves Platform, will be used to access the services of the booking platform, in the second phase BOOC will be launched. Although different, both coins will have a use case in the real world, since these are two different use cases, although they interact on the same platform. BOOC will be mainly used for booking services on the real territory, while CDM24 will be used for services for our online community.

About CDM24
By creating a maximum limit of 24 hours for the duration of sales and purchase orders, the token will not be attractive to speculators and dumpers. In this way, we can give more security to our community, which will use the token to book on our booking platform and to create MasterSets (our creation of rewards structure similar to Masternodes). It is important for us to keep the speculators away from our community as much as possible. Because our project is based on HODLING and not on TRADING. So we need to create a token that minimizes the interest of traders speculation on the exchange.

CDM24 Token Details
Name: CDM24
Issuer: 3PMWTSsEaqw5NuUZ5YT5kYwT8KvYrVFGWcZ
ID: px9Em9GWCrvLeMhegdLwMHPkcRJEffFTxPGgNnoGiDo
Total amount: 3,500,000,000
Decimal points: 8
Type: Reissuable
Script: Maximum limit of 24 hours for sell and buy orders
Issue date: 10.14.2019 05:16 PM

MINIMUM VALUE FOR CDM24 PAIRS (voted by the community) **

CDM24 / BTC 0.00000014
CDM24 / WAVES 0.00124919
CDM24 / DASH 0.00001564
CDM24 / LTC 0.00001957
CDM24 / BCH 0.00000485
CDM24 / ETH 0.00000598
CDM24 / USD 0.0013
**Any buy or sell orders lower than this minimum value will be classified as "DUMP" and the user will be removed from the community.

We inform all users interested in our project that we are constantly attentive to current regulations in the financial sector with particular attention to the context of cryptocurrencies in our area and in the world. The regulations in this area are subject to discussion and constant updates, especially in this period. We are ready to update our products as soon as our consultants give us information about it. This could include, for example, the future addition of a KYC service (Know Your Customer) for all users who wish to use our services. This is to be able to give the security of offering a serious and continuous service.

We do not offer any financial services or financial advice. We do not offer Asset Tokens, Equity tokens, Security tokens or Debt tokens.
We have not proposed, nor do we intend to make ICO, ETO, STO or other financing instruments in the future.
All the tools we use are already regulated by their respective suppliers.

We will keep you constantly informed by publishing all updates on this web page.